Cinema In An Expansion Phase

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The current century is full of the younger generations. This generation is packed with energy, enthusiasm, efficiency, and spirit. Today’s younger generation is heading more towards the movies or cinema. Existing generation is more approaching generation towards the movies. From the revealed data, there are approx 60-70% of people who prefer watching movies online rather than in any theatre. This is because they prefer to recline or they are most inactive. So the preference for watching online movies getting increasing day by day.

The devouring of online movies is one of the widely used activities. Movies are becoming one of the greatest sources of entertainment for people. Through movies, we are also adopting many good things as well. There are documentary movies as well, which help us to show the reality to some extent. These are mainly for education, instructing or making us aware of the historical records.

Online Movies

Edge Of Online Movies

  1. One of the most important advantages of watching movies online is it saves money. It saves the cost of which we spend in theatres.
  2. It also reduces the time which is involved in downloading the movie. By just simply using the apps, we can watch movies where ever we want.
  • Online movies are easily accessible. We can want to watch them through our convenience.
  1. It also saves time. In today’s scenario, everyone is busy with their kinds of stuff; no one had time to even go to the theatre and watch the movie. So this is very beneficial for them.
  2. We can watch the vast number of movies just of the minimum cost of recharge.

Disadvantages Of Online Movies

  1. Movies can sometimes affect the mind of the people. Some people get easily affected by movies. So watching movies too much can have a bad impact too.
  2. Some people who watch too many movies get carried away with them. They feel themselves like a hero, but they didn’t know that it takes so much of effort to get all these things.
  • Today’s movies are forcing people to believe unbelievable things. Getting influenced by watching too much of the movie, everyone wants to get everything fastly. And this is not possible in real life.


Everything has two sides or faces, and we should balance them and control them equally. We should rather use the internet in the wrong way or misusing the internet we should beneficially use the internet.  Thus there are both advantages and disadvantages of watching movies online. But if we use the internet in the right or minded way, then we can minimize the effect of the disadvantage of watching movies online and can increase the advantages of watching movies.