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Mastering the art of hair and make-up in San Bernardino is not easy. You need to be able to recognize and understand all the different types of make-up and tools. Knowing how to use products and tools and when to use them is essential if you want to master this art. It is best to familiarize yourself with the following and try to find out more. Here are some of the primary face make-up you should know.

The Primer

A primer lets everything you put on stay longer and it pampers the skin that creates a form of a protective barrier. You have to apply it after moisturizing your face. It can take a few minutes to sink into your skin. You can then carry on with your regular powder routine. You only need an amount smaller than a nickel. A primer is in 1 oz tubes can usually last for a long time.

Concealing ointment

As the name suggests, it conceals any imperfections and flaws of the skin. It covers blemishes, spots, scars, and other unwanted marks. Compared to the powdery kind, it is often thicker and more reliable. These are often more long-lasting and offer more detailed coverage. Some formulas are for the eyes only or face, so read the label with care. Choose a natural shade that matches your skin tone.



Powder evens out your skin tone as you put this everywhere on your face. You can find this in different forms, such as liquid and cream. It is also now available in a light and fluffy mousse that provides excellent coverage. Choose one that has no additives and a more moisturizing effect.

Face powder

You use this to set and to give a matte finish. It can also conceal small flaws or blemishes. It is best to choose one that can look natural on your skin. Avoid products that can make your face itchy and give you adverse reactions. Using too much face powder without buffing, it can make you look weird.

Blemish Balm cream

BB ointments stands for blemish balm creams. It works best to cover redness, scars, pimples, and other unwanted marks. There are those creams that can moisturize and whiten your skin, too. Some also provide anti-aging and SPF. The whitening potent does not mean bleaching but lightening your skin tone. Germans used this for people who had surgery and needed to heal their skin. Koreans then made it into make-up. Blemish balm cream is one of the must-haves every make-up kit should have. It gives skin coverage and heals at the same time.

You can boost your confidence when you know more about make-up. Explore until you find out everything about each one. You can ask professionals if you need help identifying any of them or if you need tips on how to use them.